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Content is everything: I've been writing technical content for over a decade. Setting up content strategies and tone that helps companies market to developers. You must be thinking: But developers hate marketing material & ads, right?! — I get that. Developers are a tough audience. And yes there's a no bullshit way to write for developers.
Complex to understand: Developers often struggle with writing content that sounds authentic and looks professional. It's when you read excellent blogs and wonder why can't I write like that? — And btw what the heck is professional content?!
…but I can help: You see if not understood well; content writing can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple rules that can help you become an excellent content writer. That's why I'm writing a no fluff to-the-dayum-point eBook which includes 30+ professional content tips and tricks I use to get published in some of the biggest magazines and blogs list below. Improve your content ten folds. Complete step-by-step guide. — Want to know more? Sign up ↓
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Maedah Batool
Meet the author?!
Maedah Batool

Award-winning Content Strategist, WordPress Marketing team rep, WP Core Contributor, Node.js Community Committee Outreach. Authored developer documentation for various open-source dev-tools and software libraries used by millions of developers worldwide (including engineers at Google, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel). International speaker at WordSesh, ContentDev Conf, OpenDevConf.Maedah is an OSS Content Program Manager for over a decade, leading technical content programs and developing holistic content strategies. Her documentation for FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) projects has won several awards. Maedah has helped several multi-million dollar startups double their content marketing returns. Featured & published author at TorqueMag, Envato Tuts+ (100+ developer tutorials), SitePoint, Creative Market, and many more.Follow her on Twitter @MaedahBatool

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A whole new workflow to Write. Publish. Market. Authentic & professional content writing meant for developers. Zero bull-shit and to-the-point tips to improve your technical content writing skills. Learn almost everything I know as a published & featured author. Got questions? Tweet me at @MaedahBatool →


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📺MODULE #01Attention Grabbing Post Titles

📺MODULE #02Consistent Headings Formula

📺MODULE #03Correct Punctuation, & Grammar

📺MODULE #04Finding the right Voice

📺MODULE #05Paragraphs: Assembly Format

📺MODULE #06Paragraphs: Aligned Structure

📺MODULE #07Images Quality & Sizes

📺MODULE #08Images: SEO Rank & Linking

📺MODULE #09Images: Team Templates


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Maedah has consistently shown an amazing ability to learn something new, and then more importantantly communicate that knowledge to those around her. I'm excited to read her new book and experience that wisdom.

Topher DeRosiaTopher DeRosiaSenior WordPress Architect, Camber Creative

Maedah is an amazing developer, technical writer, WordPress community member & teacher. She contributes her time to the WordPress core and helps improve software we all love to use. Beside she has taught more than 5,000 girls how to write code and technical docs. I admire her especially for helping women learn code and to have better opportunities. Thank you for everything you do!

Ana SegotaAna SegotaCo-Founder, Anariel Design Niche WordPress Themes

Being a developer I totally relate with the quirks that comes with reading and writing technical content. I'm an avid reader of Maedah's content and really like the way she explains everything. Her writing style makes learning technical content super easy.

Ashar IrfanAshar IrfanSenior Bankend Developer, WebDevStudios

Learned a lot. This book has single-handedly made it super easy for me to write professional technical content meant for developers. Thank you, excellent tips, Maedah

Collins AgbonghamaCollins AgbonghamaWeb Developer & Founder, MailOptin

Maedah has taught me most of the technical content writing I know. She is as brilliant as they come. Because of her, I understand now how to write professional-looking content. Thank you for all the amazing tips!!

Muhammad SaadMuhammad SaadGoogle DSC Lead & Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
Content for Developers
30+ Content Writing Pro Tips & Tricks
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